Adult Martial Arts Training in Dallas, TX

Get fit in a fast and enjoyable way with adult martial arts training in Dallas, Texas. Enroll in a martial arts class at My Martial Arts, a well-established school founded by an expert with a fourth-degree black belt, Tony Rios. Tony started learning martial arts at the age of 9 and earned his first black belt when he was 15 years old.

You do not have to hold a black belt to work out with Tony. He welcomes students of all ages and backgrounds to his adult martial arts classes. You benefit physically and mentally from all the punches, kicks, jumps, and evasive maneuvers you learn.

Martial Arts for Workouts That Never Get Boring

Going to the gym is a great way to get fit, but many people find it boring and hard to stick to. Martial arts is anything but that. Come to one of our classes to find out for yourself! The unique setting allows you to train hard in a formal class setting with structure from a traditional form of fighting, involving instructors and peers who teach you how to effectively put skills to use. This instruction is not meant to encourage fighting others, but to improve discipline and exercise, with the benefit of developing self-defense skills.

Martial arts also grants the opportunity of learning fascinating customs and a sense of tradition through a form of physical fitness. We invite you to try one of our classes to learn and train from this respected discipline.

Kickboxing Classes
Boost Cardio & Gain Strength with Kickboxing Classes

One of our most popular classes for mainstream adults is kickboxing. This is a great workout that combines cardio and strength training. While punching and kicking, you gain speed, flexibility, and endurance. Let us help you lose weight, increase muscle strength, enhance balance and coordination, and increase your circulation. These attributes make kickboxing uniquely suited to be an effective and multifaceted exercise class for all adults.

Combine Martial Arts, Boxing, & Aerobics in Kickboxing

Kickboxing is a combination of martial arts, boxing, and aerobics, that utilizes the best aspects of all three activities. You can burn 350 calories in 30 minutes while punching and kicking away. Additionally, as kickboxing is such a demanding, fast-moving exercise, it provides an excellent outlet for stress.

Our classes begin with a warm-up before getting your blood pumping with punching and kicking. While your heart is getting its own exercise, your arms and legs get toned and strong. Give us a call today to get fit in our kickboxing class!