Martial Arts Instruction in Dallas, TX

Take a martial arts class from a school that includes mainstream and special needs children and adults. My Martial Arts in Dallas, Texas, provides martial arts instruction for everyone. Students with special needs have the opportunity to participate in our specialized Adaptive Training Programs, while mainstream students participate in tae kwon do, jiu-jitsu, and adult kickboxing.

Martial Arts for Special Needs Kids & Grownups

Our school is unique in serving people who live with physical and developmental challenges. We have been working with special needs students for several years and have developed an exclusive program for this population – our Adaptive Training Programs. This program includes a separate belt-ranking system for special needs children and adults, the first of its kind in North Texas.

Bring a special needs adult or child in your care to our school for individualized instruction. We adapt our teaching methods so your student learns at a pace that is comfortable and challenging enough for them. Students benefit physically, mentally, and emotionally from our classes. They get a good workout while stretching his or her body and mind, and practicing new movements. Students gain more confidence as they progress through the curriculum and expand their horizons in the world of martial arts.

Competition is a big part of martial arts and adaptive students always have the opportunity to participate. Talk to our founder and primary instructor, Tony Rios, about enrolling your student in our Adaptive Training Programs.

Martial Arts for the Mainstream Population

We are happy to share the benefits of martial arts with everyone! This includes offering a number of classes for the mainstream population, as well. Some of our most in-demand classes include tae kwon do, jiu-jitsu, and kickboxing.

Students of all ages gain numerous advantages from taking tae kwon do classes at our martial arts school. Children and adults learn from our founder Tony Rios, who holds a fourth-degree black belt. He is an excellent instructor who models and encourages accountability and a strong work ethic for all students, no matter their level of ability. Adults and children learn movements, as well as a discipline while increasing physical fitness and mental acuity. We teach the Olympic style of tae kwon do, a style used in competitions throughout the world, should your student wish to compete.

For adults who want a full-body workout, we provide kickboxing classes. The punching and kicking you learn while kickboxing offers your body aerobic exercise and strength training. You train as if you are preparing for a fight and these learned techniques are effective for self-defense against those trying to harm you or others.

Contact us today to enroll a special needs adult or child in our Adaptive Training Programs, your child in a mainstream program, or an adult in kickboxing. We provide martial arts classes for children and adults in Dallas, Park Cities, Preston Hollow, and Medical District, Texas.