Adaptive Training Program in Dallas, TX

We strongly believe that martial arts training is good for almost everyone. That is why My Martial Arts in Dallas, Texas, offers classes for children and adults with physical and developmental challenges. Enroll a loved one in our Adaptive Training Program, so he or she can enjoy the physical, mental, and emotional benefits of a martial arts class.

Our groundbreaking program was one of the first in the country. Our founder started a special needs martial arts class more than eight years ago because he saw a need and a way to meet that need. The program we operate has earned the approval of Town North YMCA and is the first North Texas school to develop and provide a belt-ranking system for special needs children.

 Customized Training
Customized Program for Special Needs Kids & Adults

We customize the classes in our Adaptive Training Program to help with the physical and developmental challenges that adults and children with special needs face on a daily basis. The results are highly gratifying. When one of our students' masters a movement, it is a time of rejoicing for them and their family members – as well as our staff.


Boy Kicking
Growing Physically & Mentally

The martial arts offer a multitude of benefits for our special needs students. Physically, our classes help children and adults improve their fitness levels in a fun environment that offers challenges and yields accomplishments. Our students develop physique, increase their flexibility, enhance mobility, and strengthen their muscles and endurance levels.
Students develop increased self-confidence in their physical and mental abilities while learning the curriculum. Each new movement builds on the one before, enabling students to comfortably learn new techniques by using fundamental skills they have mastered. The joy of learning and succeeding in our program also encourages your student to do the same with challenges he or she faces in other settings. We provide a safe place for your special needs adult or child to learn and grow.

We find that the structured environment makes your student feel secure and gives him or her the encouragement to try things. Your adult or child benefits greatly from the structure and discipline of martial arts – not only here at our school, but in every aspect of his or her life.

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Belt-Ranking System for Special Needs Students

Just as with our mainstream martial arts classes, students have the opportunity to earn belts and compete. This provides students and their families with deep satisfaction and demonstrates strongly that he or she is capable of expanding his or her horizons. Talk with our owner for specifics on the advantages that our Adaptive Training Program offers your special needs student.